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What makes one website appear at the top of the search results, while another is three pages down? Search engines use complicated algorithms, such as the number of links to a site, the popularity of those linking sites, and other factors, to determine where each site should appear in a set of results. It was using a system like this that originally made Google famous, as their Pagerank took into account a number of factors that measure site popularity, as opposed to just keywords, meaning better sites would appear at the top. Search engine optimization is the art of working with these algorithms and  increasing a site’s prominence in search engine results.

The exact details of search engine ranking systems are closely guarded secrets, but there are several “tricks of the trade” that have been proven very successful in achieving the goal of high placement. Each search engine is unique, as each tries to set itself apart from their competition by using different search algorithms. Our team is constantly improving and expanding their knowledge and "tool kit", so we can truly optimize web sites.

Also note that all the major search engines, such as Google, Yahoo and MSN have search guidelines, which we strictly follow.

What we do:

  • Keywords & Search Terms popularity analysis
    We search your web site for keywords and key phrases, to develop a list of search terms related to your site.

  • Image Optimization and Page Naming
    Search engine and their associated spiders and crawlers don’t see images. We provide a way for those crawlers to index the images on your site, so they will be properly filed and ranked by search engines.

  • On-Page Analysis of your Content
    Optimized titles and great headings will improve search engine rankings, but this effort is in vain if the pages don’t contain the same words and or phrases. We make sure that the titles, the headings, and, just as importantly, the content all match.

  • Meta-Tag, Title Tags, Headings and HTML
    Our team spends considerable time reviewing the website’s architecture, layout, navigation system, title, meta-tags, and scripts to substantially improve the search friendliness of a web site. Again, fixing one element will not greatly improve the web site - all elements must mesh together to truly improve the ranking of a website.

  • Links to Your Website
    Links from other web sites, such as industry related websites or directories, affect your ‘link popularity score’. The more links that are pointing to your web site, and the more popular these links are, the higher the popularity score. The higher the popularity score, the higher the ranking on the search engine. We have a system to be build quality links to your website.

Search Engine Optimization is an appropriate strategy for every website, especially for web sites that depend on high visibility. We can say with confidence that a web site that has been optimized by our team will rank very high on any search engine. It is important to note, however, that just getting more traffic to a web site is not the answer. This is especially true for public companies who are not necessarily selling a product online. The objective of the corporate web site is to inform and update current and potential shareholders.

Thus we offer full service Web 2.0 marketing. Our team of writers and web developers are skilled on delivering a simple but complete, sophisticated corporate web page that offers every visitor a complete picture of the enterprise. We drive in targeted traffic from individuals who want to learn more about the company, and provide the content they want once they get there. social bookmarking digg discover and share content furl social bookmarking google live search facebook connects you with the people around you LinkedIn is an online network of more than 24 million experienced professionals from around the world, representing 150 industries My Yahoo! is a free, web-based service newsvine is a community-powered news website reddit is a social news website slashdot stuff that matters StumbleUpon learns what you like and brings you more Technorati. Who's saying what. Right now. twitter is a service for friends, family, and co–workers to communicate and stay connected.
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